Dolfin Group

The parent company of Dolfin Financial,
the Dolfin Group
is a privately-held international financial group headquartered in London. Our holdings - which span fintech, investment management, and private wealth management - are united by the conviction that digital platforms offer a unique opportunity to exponentially improve efficiency, transparency and speed in finance.

Hands-on, long term approach

We take a hands-on, long-term approach: enhancing the performance of businesses in the Group by providing patient capital and support to strong management teams. We apply fresh thinking and proven technology to optimise resources and offer strategic guidance on operational improvements.

Investment expertise. Digital agility

Our principal holding is London-based Dolfin Financial (UK), a technology-savvy investment firm that provides custody, trading and asset management. It is focused on empowering private bankers, wealth managers and other financial advisers, to start and grow their own businesses by sharing Dolfin's technology, infrastructure and services.

Track record of entrepreneurial success

The Group’s board of directors has a range of investment banking, wealth management and technology expertise, and a track record of entrepreneurial success.

Board of Directors


Roman Joukovski

After 15 years in wealth management and investment banking, Roman co-founded the Dolfin Group in 2013 with a bold vision: to reimagine finance using fresh thinking and new technology. Today, he develops strategy, uncovers new…

Denis Nagy

Denis has considerable experience in wealth management, investment banking and related regulatory matters acquired during a career in finance dating back to 2005. Before co-founding the Dolfin Group, Denis was cco-founder...

Dmitry Tokarev

Dmitry leads the Group's technology arm, Project Plato BV. He is responsible for the design and development of the Group's online platform that is central to our offering. The platform streamlines client on-boarding, offers sophisticated invest…

Sanjay Maraj

Sanjay manages the team responsible for the Group's statutory, regulatory and management reporting and he plays a key role in Dolfin’s governance. He also manages the corporate debt and treasury team responsible for maximising the Group’s…



New beginnings

Having co-founded, built and eventually sold his share in one of London's largest multi-family offices, Roman Joukovski sowed the seeds for the Dolfin Group in 2012 when he launched a new private wealth manager. His aim was to drastically improve how clients were served, challenging convention by offering more bespoke service, greater flexibility and faster delivery.


Expansion, frustration, inspiration

To broaden the scope of the group, Roman called on Denis Nagy - a long-time friend who had recently sold the investment boutique he built. Denis brought to the venture his expertise in building regulated financial services businesses focused on institutional clients. Like Roman, he was driven by the desire to be different: more agile, more flexible than established firms.
Together, Roman and Denis overcame many of the hurdles created by the industry's apathy and legacy-thinking to build the group's businesses - including a private office and an FCA-regulated financial services provider offering custody, trading and asset management.
Networking with other wealth and asset managers, the two realised that their peers faced the same challenges they had: although critical, administrative tasks such as compliance and client-reporting were time-consuming and inefficient; truly independent research and advisory services were expensive; establishing relationships with counterparts and custodians was time–consuming; and providing clients used to smartphones the always-on convenience they now expect required specialist technology. It was enough to dissuade many ambitious wealth managers from striking out on their own.
"Investment expertise with digital agility"
Roman Joukovski
Instinctively, they knew that marrying the group's investment expertise with digital agility was the key that would unlock the full potential of their business and, in so doing, empower a new wave of wealth managers.
One piece of the puzzle was still missing, and it was filled in 2015, when Denis met with Dmitry Tokarev - a quantitative developer with degrees in banking and international finance, risk management and financial engineering - and explained the challenge: partner with financial intermediaries of all kinds to help grow their business with simplicity and speed.
Dmitry’s solution was bold: an online platform that the likes of private bankers, wealth managers and independent financial advisers could use as a one-stop-shop for client on-boarding, accessing investment advice, trading, reporting and compliance. It would also be available to end-clients who would gain the convenience, transparency and control they demand today from their advisors. As it grew, the platform could become a marketplace for financial firms of all sizes to offer their products to a pool of investors that ranged from retail to UHNW.


A new breed of financial group

Inspired by this vision, Dmitry joined the team as CTO with the remit of building the platform - and a new chapter began.
In 2016, to reflect the group's commitment to fresh thinking and platform technology, its various businesses were consolidated and renamed Dolfin. Its mantra? Reimagine finance.


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